Stephanie made me realize a lot key learnings within my nutrition plan while being very active athlete. Her approach was figuring out my body specifically and what my day to day looked like, also taking in consideration of any health issues I was having at that time. She looked at the big picture. Stephanie helped me take my fueling plan to the next level to perform and to stay healthy overall

Working with Stephanie has been one of the best decisions I've made within the last year! The meal plans have so much variety and flavor that making the necessary lifestyle changes felt easy. Many of the recipes are so simple yet so filling and makes my time in the kitchen that much more enjoyable! Stephanie also takes the time to listen to your goals, wants, and needs. Whenever I had a question, she was there with an in depth response! I have gained so much in the last few months from increased energy, to better sleep, and many of my aches and pains have disappeared! Making healthy food choices has now become habit and I no longer crave the fried food and processed food I lived off of before! If you're on the fence about joining, don't hesitate! You won't regret making this choice for your health!

Stephanie has been a huge part of my weight loss journey! I approached Stephanie about a year ago about just wanting to get healthier. She quickly figured out a plan that was affordable, and a good first step for me! The first week or so I logged my food intake so Steph could learn what my eating habits, and see how to adjust step by step! This was really great because I live a pretty busy life and really didn't think it was possible to be healthy. Stephanie not only helped with a good food plan, but she explained why certain foods were the best and why the others weren't. This prepared me to be able to continue this journey even after having a nutritionist. Steph would always message me at the right time to say 'you've got this'! I never thought those words could mean so much but they did! She was able to quickly adjust if I was traveling or on vacation to help me realize that there are great ways to continue healthy eating even when not at home. She introduced me to some great workouts that I was able to utilize each day! I love the progress that I continue to make and it's a huge thanks to Steph! I highly recommend working with her and allowing her to not only help you to make better choices but actually the understanding so you continue well after the fact!

Stephanie seriously helped me kickstart my new healthy lifestyle in a way that I would have never been able to do by myself. She is kind and encouraging, and she knows her stuff!! She practices what she preaches and has helped me reach goals already! Seriously... if you need a health and wellness coach, you won't be disappointed with Steph!