Initial Nutrition Session

Fee: $150
Jump start your nutrition journey

• 90-minute one-on-one Nutrition Session
• Health History Intake & Food Journal Review
• Customized Diet & Lifestyle Plan with personalized resources & recommendations
• Menu Plan with Corresponding Recipes

Monthly Follow up

Fee: $75 (per month)
Accountability is the key to success. After your initial nutrition session continue your journey.

• 60-minute one-on-one session
• Food Journal Review
• Updated diet & lifestyle plan with further personalized resources & recommendations
• Additional customized recipes

3 – Month Complete Plan

Fee: $225 (per month)

• 90 minute one-on-one nutrition session
• Health history intake & Food Journal review
• Three 60 minute follow-up sessions
• Unlimited e-mail support in between sessions
• Customized diet & lifestyle plan with personalized resources & recommendations
• Weekly menu plan with corresponding recipes

Train Smart Eat Well

Fee: $185(per month)

Nutrition and performance go hand in hand. Both are important for reaching your fitness goals. This package includes recorded demonstrations of exercises and healthy, single portion meals.

• 12 workouts with minimal equipment required
• 12 prepared meals
• Price equals $7.70 per workout and meal
• Spots limited